New City Africa

New City Africa/ Nouvelle Cité Afrique

” Building bonds of brotherhood with everyone everywhere “

Every 3 months New City Africa/ Nouvelle Cité Afrique Magazine brings you news from the perspective of UNITY, and informs you about the contribution of the Focolare Movement in Africa and beyond to the realization of a united world.


Established in 1993 as the Sub Saharan-African Edition of Città Nuova, the Italian Focolare parent magazine, New City Africa/Nouvelle Cité Afrique is bilingual.

It features articles on the spirituality of communion and highlights experiences of putting the Gospel into practice in our parishes, in our family lives, in our work environments and among the youth.


New City Africa/Nouvelle Cité Afrique fosters dialogue among the many diverse sectors of society; it wants to be a “meeting place” among different peoples, where it is possible to learn from each other, to know, appreciate and love each other’s beauty and quality. It offers an open space to share sufferings and challenges in order to work for the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer “May they all be one”, and it contributes to the realization of the one human family.

For example, after having read an article from Cameroon on “ the New Evangelization”, Zita from DRC wrote: “I would like to thank the Bangwa people (Cameroon) for their witness to living the Gospel. I was very touched by the fact that even peoples who do not feel the need to embrace Christianity, having learned love they have understood that loving is the most important reality in life.”

 New City Africa/Nouvelle Cité Afrique provides a forum for the opinions of those who share the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and truth. It covers developments in interreligious and ecumenical dialogue, and features profiles and interviews with people who are making a difference in various fields.

Why the name “New City”?

 If we look at our cities, what people yearn for today is precisely a ‘new city,’ a ‘living city’ and a ‘fraternal city,’ where, beyond every division, we are brothers and sisters to each other.

Focolare founder Chiara Lubich said commenting on Focolare media, “Our magazine’s goal is to be a pathway to fraternity, a means of dialogue at all levels, and an instrument of communion and oneness.”


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