School for Inculturation

As Pope John Paul II, so was Chiara Lubich convinced that a faith has to be fully inculturated in order to be fully accepted, fully thought out and fully lived.

During her visit in Kenya in May 1992 Chiara founded the Centre of Inculturation, defined by herself as a “focolare-style inculturation”.

Every two years the Centre of Inculturation holds a course on a specific topic. Property and work; The concept of God; Person and community; Reconciliation, Suffering, illness and death; Education; Communication; and the concept of Sacred in traditional religiosity in sub-Saharan African cultures, are among the topics which have been explored.

Four different perspectives are taken into account: as seen in the different traditional African cultures; the view from the Holy Scriptures; according to the teachings of the Church; and in the context of the Focolare Movement, in the light of the Charism of unity.



The proceedings of these courses have been published in several languages.





A permanent Central Secretary based at Mariapolis Piero cooperates with the local regional commissions that prepare the topics and experiences and collects all the necessary information relevant to the subject.

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